Business Development Assistance Group, Inc.

Providing Access to Business Opportunities

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One-on-One Counseling

This is usually the gateway to BDAG’s services to emerging entrepreneurs and existing business owners, who need assistance to start, retain or expand a business. In a typical one-on-one counseling session, BDAG’s counselors discuss, explain or exchange information with clients in order to find an answer or solution to a business issue.

Some areas of conversation include (but not limit to):

Business Basics

  • First simple steps to start your business
  • How to obtain your EIN and Duns number
  • Tax, insurance, licensing issues
  • Business entity (legal structure)
  • Buying an existing business or franchise

Human Resource Management

  • Staffing needs
  • Employment vs. Sub-contracting options
  • Refer to employment agencies for recruitment


  • Discuss market, competition, and strategy for the business
  • Help with writing a marketing plan
  • Develop marketing tools

Government Contracting

  • Overview of eligibility requirements and opportunities in government contracts
  • Overview of certifications (SWAM, 8a, SDB, etc...) and GSA schedules
  • Help with applying for SWAM certification and eVA registration


  • Basics of export and import and government resources for exports
  • Financing options for International Trade

Business Training

  • Provide information on up coming events, training, and workshops
  • BDAG’s workshops (see calendar)